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follow link. 5.9K likes. A place for Science Writers to talk about science writing. If you are interested in learning more about the medical billing and coding career field, you are not alone! It is a hot career field that many people are considering joining. That’s because it is easy to enter, offers competitive salaries, opportunity for advancement, and low unemployment rates. The medical coding and billing job description is one that l is eye-opening and will often get you interested in the field!

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The field of medical coding and billing work together, hand-in-hand, for the most part. While you can become either a medical coder or a medical biller, they tend to work together and may even be at the same office.

The fields of medical coding and billing usually do not have much direct patient care. However, they do work closely with others in the field, as well as doctor’s offices. The medical billing and coding information that people need when considering the field includes such things as:

  • The job prospect outlook, which is whether or not there will be any jobs available in the field once you finish.
  • The average salary, in order to see if you will be able to make a comfortable living once finished.
  • The working conditions, to ensure that you will want to spend 40 hours per week working in this type of field.

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There are roughly 172,000 medical coding positions across the country with 39 percent of them found in hospitals. The rest of them span across such places as clinics, medical billing and coding specialty businesses, etc. There are even people who work from home in their own business doing medical billing and coding on a full or part-time basis.

Those who work in medical coding must be familiar with anatomy and medical terminology in order to correctly code the condition or procedure. The medical coding information is then used it to help doctors get paid for their services. Each time a patient gets a procedure done, they are able to take the medical information and apply a code to what the person had done. Then that is used for billing purposes.

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The field of medical billing is considered a sub-specialty of the medical coding discipline. In this field, medical billers are focused on getting people to pay for their medical services. Using a variety of medical billing information often acquired from a medical billing and coding degree, they are able to handle a variety of billing-related procedures.

Medical billers are the ones that take care of collecting payments, preparing invoices, making calls about errors, and contacting those that are past due on paying their bills. A person working as a medical biller will gather the necessary patient information to prepare the bill and then follow through to payment of it. The information they use for the medical billing often comes from the side of the medical coding, which is why medical coding and billing job descriptions often go hand-in-hand.

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There are many benefits to entering the field of medical billing and coding. Some of the top aspects that get people interested in the field include:

  • The field is believed to be growing faster than average and will provide good job prospects.
  • Training to enter the field varies from job-specific training programs to medical billing degrees or a combination medical billing and coding degree. Some enter the field with a certificate program, while others complete an associate degree program.
  • Typically, medical coders and billers work in offices, yet some may work afternoon or overnight shifts. Within the field, 86 percent work full time.
  • The median salary for this field is around $30,610 annually although the pay scale goes up to around $40,000.
  • Certified credentials are available through the American Academy of Professional Coders, which usually helps people make money. Credentialed medical coding professionals, for example, earn around $45,000 per year.

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If you are looking for a medical billing and coding degree, you will find that there are many options available. You may also find programs just leading to a medical billing degree. There is an ample amount of medical billing and coding information available, so it is just a matter of deciding if you want to enter this field.

The medical coding career description is of interest to a lot of people who are looking for a solid career choice that provides an easy route to entering the field. If you are looking for a career field you can enter without having to go to college for years on end, you will want to seriously consider medical billing and coding.

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