Medical Billing and Coding Education

As increasing numbers of health care facilities turn to electronic media for storing and maintaining patient records, as well as billing patients’ insurance companies and government health care agencies, medical billing careers are rapidly growing in popularity. Skilled billing specialists are in high demand, and there are plenty of job opportunities for individuals with the right medical billing and coding education.

Should I attend medical billing school?

While it is possible to find an employer who will train you on the job, individuals with formal training are typically preferred. Most medical billing specialists choose to attend an accredited program, whether through a community college, university, or distance learning course. If you decide to enroll in a medical billing education program, you will take classes in medical terminology, anatomy, physiology, medical coding and billing procedures. Many billing and coding specialists also attend voluntary certification programs in order to increase their knowledge of the field and to boost their credentials.

How much does medical billing school cost?

Costs for attending a medical billing and coding education program vary greatly. A certificate program, which may take less than one year to complete, typically costs about $1,500 to $2,000 dollars; however, if you decide that an associate’s or bachelor’s degree will better suit your needs, you may end up paying up to $30,000 or more in education expenses. However, keep in mind that your education level and experience will eventually effect how much you earn as a medical billing specialist.