Medical Billing and Coding Salary

apa style paper in what i expect in graduate studies masters dissertation services buy history essays For those looking to enter a career field that has plenty of jobs and earns a nice competitive living, they may want to consider medical coding or medical billing. The average pay for medical billing and coding specialist is an attractive reason that many people decide to enter the field. Especially when you consider the fact that the good medical billing and coding salary is coupled with a pretty easy entrance requirement and great working conditions!

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When it comes to the average medical billing and coding salary, the average annual salary is just under $38,000. But for those in medical coding that are certified, the salary is just over $45,000 annually. So getting certified, which can be done through the American Academy of Professional Coders, provides more opportunities and a higher medical coding salary.

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In addition to certification playing a key role in the average pay for medical billing and coding specialist positions,  how long you have been on the job is also important. While those who are not certified may start out at an average medical coding salary of just over $30,000, by the time you have just five years of experience in the field, the average salary becomes around $40,000.

The salary for medical coding and billing can be expected to increase with the number of years on the job. For example, by the eighth year on the job, those who are certified are making nearly $47,000, and by 20 years in the field, the average medical coding salary is nearly $52,000.

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There are other factors that will influence the salary for medical coding and billing specialists, such as level of education and geographic location. Here is an idea of the type of salary that can be expected by level of education attained:

  • Those who have some high school earn an average of $27,500 for uncertified and $39,000 for certified.


  • Those with a high school diploma earn almost $37,000 and $41,000 respectively.Those who go to a technical school to become a medical biller or coder end up earning around $33,000 uncertified and $41,000 certified.


  • If you earn a medical coding degree, such as an associate degree, the average salary for non-certified is around $36,000 while the certified is $44,000.


  • With earning a bachelor’s degree, the salary then moves up to an average of over $47,000 for non-certified and over $51,000 for certified medical coders.


As you can see, the more education you earn, the higher the average medical coding salary you can expect. Those with a master’s degree tend to make even more. The good news, however, is that there are employment opportunities available at just about every educational level.

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When it comes to the average pay for medical billing and coding specialist fields, the area of the country you live in is going to play a role in determining the salary you can earn. This is something that happens in every type of career, as some states and metropolitan areas just happen to pay more.

The average medical coding salary for the Northeast is over $46,000, while the average for the West is $48,000 annually. The Midwest offers an average medical coding salary of $41,000, and the South offers nearly $42,000 annually.

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Now that you know the average salary for medical coding and billing, you will just need to determine if it is a field for you. If it is, focus on getting a formal education, as well as certified in the field, in order to make the highest medical coding salary. The medical coding salaries, as well as medical billing salaries, are both influenced by many factors, including those for which t you have a lot of control.

While most of the salaries listed above cover specifically medical billing and coding salary information, the medicating billing salaries are similar, as the two fields often work side-by-side. If you think that working in the medical field is a good bet for you, then you may want to consider the medical coding and billing area of health care. It is a field that provides steady employment opportunities, room for advancement, and attractive salaries.