Wisconsin Medical Coding Schools: Training for the Future

If work in the field of medical coding is what you desire, you could do a lot worse than the State of Wisconsin. In fact, Wisconsin includes among its top industries Hospital Administration and, more broadly, Administrative and Support Services. In other words, there are plenty of opportunities within the healthcare sector, and many of those opportunities are in support roles.

Medical coding is, indeed, a support role, but it is not, strictly speaking, an administrative one. It is actually rigorously technical work, and it requires both a thorough knowledge of medical terminology as well as the skills necessary to efficiently and accurately operate medical coding software (which can itself be fairly complex). The job of the medical coder is to read a doctor’s notes and then translate them into the coding that is then passed along to insurance carriers and used to provide accurate billing services. It is, in other words, vital for billing as well as for patient care—an integral part of our American healthcare system, but not easy work by any stretch.

Find Medical Billing & Coding Schools:


  • Campus | Performance Training Institute
    Degrees | Medical Office and Administrative Specialist with Billing and Coding
  • Campus | Milwaukee
    Degrees | Medical Insurance Billing & Coding
  • Campus | Roseville | Bloomington | Brooklyn Center | Minnetonka
    Degrees | Health Information Technology | Healthcare Coding Diploma
  • Campus | Gurnee
    Degrees | Medical Coding and Billing | Health Information Systems
  • Campus | Mendota Heights
    Degrees | Health Information Technician
  • Campus | Ashworth College
    Degrees | Medical Billing/Claims
  • Campus | Eagan
    Degrees | Medical Insurance Billing & Coding
  • Campus | Penn Foster
    Degrees | Medical Coding and Billing | Medical Coding – Advanced | Medical Coding and Billing

For this reason, there are many opportunities for education and professional development within the State of Wisconsin. Wisconsin medical coding schools are many, and they include institutions such as Fox Valley Technical College, Lakeshore Technical College, Blackhawk Technical College, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, Herzing University, and Milwaukee Career College, as well as numerous others. These colleges provide experience and expertise, two necessary commodities in this demanding but highly rewarding area of service within the medical sector.